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Al Wesam Al Zahaby for International Shipping

With Al Wesam Al Zahaby, the shipping process is easier and faster.

About us

Al Wesam Al Zahaby Company was established 20 years ago.

الوسام الذهبى
  • It is one of the most successful, smartest and fastest companies in Egypt, and thanks to God, it is the most trustworthy and reputable company in Damietta Governorate.

  • We have well-qualified work teams with a lot of experience in the field of shipping to take care of customers’ export requirements related to land shipping, sea shipping, air shipping, customs clearance, storage and packaging services, and how to work on them.

  • Our prices are competitive to any destination by land, sea and air.


Our goals

Continuous improvement of customer service to make Al Wesam Al Zahaby Company a leader in the field of export and international transportation. This is the result of a long and hard work record and a professional team from the company who have the ability to distinguish themselves from others, but we will also continue to work hard through our company, whether inside or outside Egypt.


Quality of service

Al Wesam Al Zahaby Company for Export and International Transport pays special attention to achieving customer satisfaction from abroad.

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