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Land shipping

Land shipping by trucks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Al Wesam Al Zahaby International Shipping Company works to constantly modernize the company’s land fleet, and it is honored to provide land freight trailers. There are also trailers and refrigerators to the Arab countries at the lowest prices. Altarbiatuk car shipping service.

  • Daily loading of customers’ goods to ensure the speedy arrival of the goods.

  • We have a large warehouse that includes a skilled and professional work team that receives shipments and ensures their safety and quality.

  • Specialists pack goods.

  • Trained workers arrange and organize the goods inside the trucks.

  • The company has a partial collection of goods by the piece, by the meter or by the kilo for all types of goods to all Gulf countries.

  • Our prices are competitive for retail shipping and full trucks.

We provide sea freight service to our customers from all ports of the Republic at the fastest time and at the best price, as we are an agent for the largest shipping lines (MAERSEK-HAPAG LOYED-CMA-MSC-COSCO) and we work to provide the best service to customers at the best price through highly qualified and experienced employees in the field of sea freight.


Sea Freight


Air Freight

  • We provide air freight services to the airport quickly and efficiently

  • We provide air freight service to our customers at the best price, as we are an agent for major international airlines, which guarantees the customer the best service and the best price because we deal directly with airlines without an intermediary, as well as air freight service to the door of the house in the fastest time.

  • Shipping services at the highest level by specialists to preserve all types of perishable, breakable, or other shipments

  • Also taking care of shipments during transportation and distribution to reach your door.

  • We have the best prices... and full commitment to the agreement and deadlines...

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